What is FIBC?
A Flexible intermediate bulk container is a bag of large dimensions having different types of lifting, filling and discharge arrangements which are used for storing, carrying or transporting dry and flowable products.

Competitively priced with other industrial packaging, FIBC’s are most cost efficient means of utilizing transportation and storage. They may be stacked without pallets minimizing wasted space. Rail cars, flat beds, closed trailers, barges and ships can be loaded to maximum capacity. A forklift can accommodate most loading and storage applications.

Advantages of FIBC:

  • Increased filling rates
  • Increased utilization of storage area
  • Sized to suit your product bulk density
  • Designed to suit your existing filling equipment
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduction of product contamination
  • Elimination of need for pallet
  • Manufactured to International Standards
Single Loop
Two Loop
Four Loop
Tunnel Bag
Four Cross Corner
Ventilated Bag